Friday, March 25, 2011

Flourescent Lights

So, here I am, in the computer room of the A-Building at 2:30 in the afternoon wondering if the custodian will tell the folks at the office that Blogger somehow slipped through the internet blocker.

I won't tell if you don't, man.

Sitting at an empty school when you'd usually be napping in the front seat of Dad's car while he listens to the indie XM station is probably the most boring thing ever. Plus there's the buzz coming from these lightbulbs, and all I can think about is that Kids Next Door episode where Numbuh One says something about that buzz being the sound of your brain being blended.

I think I'll put this up tonight after I finish selling the future-frosted unfrosted cupcakes for a bake sale at tonight's Open House festivities. You know, community service and all. But it's going to be really, really late at night for someone who wakes up really, really early, so we'll see. I still have to slap together some drawings and all.

But it isn't all bad, I guess. I have all this time to do some stuff, and I can listen to my music to at least try to pretend I'm somewhere else.

Okay, so it is pretty much all bad, but I'm here now, and I'm going to sell some cupcakes, goddamit.

Cause that's community service, right?



Another two and a half hours to go.

The other thing that has been rolling around in my head (can cupcakes roll?) is the weird taxi driver Dad and I passed on the way to school today.

He was on the side of the road in front of a blind turn, pulled over, and flagging people down.

What was he doing?

I spent the rest of the car ride thinking about it (except the bit where I laughed at a real-estate sign that advertised a realtor who chose to go by "Dippy").

Was someone hurt?

Were they a family member of the taxi driver?

Did his battery die?

Admittedly, things got a little weird when I started wondering if he was an alien trying to pick up some test subjects.


Man, time flies when you're listening to The Decemberists and thinking about aliens and cupcakes.

Post- Blog: This was written yesterday on the back of a stained napkin.

Can't be sure but I remember listening to this:


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