Friday, March 25, 2011


So, yesterday was Berkeley day, and the streets ran red with the blood and tears of high-school seniors, soon to be college freshmen.

But,  and here's the best part, somehow I slipped into the "approved" camp.

I'm going to Berkeley, baby.

Just going to check that one more time. Okay. I was nervous for a second.

Wait a second, Berkeley's really far away, isn't it?

Like really, really far away from my home village in southern California.

I can't say I wasn't expecting to move out, but it's still this big scary blob hovering over my head, and I can't help but think about how homesick I'm going to be in northern California, because, let's face it, California's pretty much two separate states. 

And I keep thinking about those calls my friends and family are going to get.

You guys might want to buy those extra cell-phone minutes after all.

Even though I might have a rough time adjusting, I think this'll work out.

I love San Francisco, and Berkeley's pretty damn close to there, and the whole vibe seems pretty happenin'.

Plus, we have great friends up there already, Yvonne and Lewis.

So I think I'll be okay.

But, Los Angeles, I'll always be yours.

Post-Blog: Woah, two Decemberists songs in a row.

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